Premium Natural Bashkiri Honey

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We offer you the best wild Bashkir honey in the world
100% natural and organic
Wild Bashkir honey contains all the vitamins, organic acids, minerals necessary for the body and special hormonal substances. It also contains particles of bee bread, impurities of wax and specks of propolis. Thanks to these natural supplements, wild Bashkir honey is very useful.

Why buy Bashkir honey from the Russian Honey Valley?
1- Bashkir honey is globally recognized as it has won first and second place many times in Abimondia and other exhibitions
2- Bashkir honey is among the necessary meals for Russian cosmonauts
3- Bashkir honey is a therapeutic honey
Because his DN number is 45
4- Bashkir honey has no final sucrose not detected
5- It contains not only honey, but also natural wax, and it contains pollen, bee dye, propolis and other natural bee products, which gives Bashkir honey endless benefits.
6- Our Bashkir honey is packed in a special way and in a special box of linden tree, and inside the box it is dyed with beeswax, so the honey is preserved as if it were in a candle and its nature
7- Because the shape of the product is very attractive and beautiful, it can be placed on the table and delight the guest, and it is a wonderful gift for loved ones and friends


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