Tajweed Quran In Velvet Cover

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Tajweed Quran In Velvet CoverThis complete Color Coded Tajweed Quran comes with a nice and beautiful velvet cover in four colors: Maroon, Black, Green and Dark Blue. (unfortunately we can not guarantee the color availability, however all colors are very nice. The paper quality is very high with Interpretation of selected words placed on the margin of each page, it is a perfect gift for the loved ones in the special occasions.Based on a practical understanding of phonology, we have color-coded some letters to facilitate the correct recitation of the holy Quran. This enabled us to classify these letters into three possible categories to enhance the reader’s knowledge and remembering of Tajweed rules:- The letters which requires expanded vocalization. We used red color to highlight these letters.- The letters which are nasalized these letters are green in color.- The dark blue color indicates the emphasis of the letter (R), the blue color indicates the unrest letters-echoing sound- (qualquala)- While the letters which are written but are not vocalized. These letters are gray in color.The reader will get used to reciting the Quran by using colors very easily. By engaging the eye, the reader will find him/herself applying 24 rules of Tajweed with ease and precision while his/her mind is left un-enganged to comprehend and understand the meaning of the holy Quran. For more details click hereThis Tajweed Quran is in Hafs narration.Tajweed Quran products -including this Quran- come with the following:Color coded letters: to present the Tajweed rules, very good and simple way to learn and apply Tajweed rules.Obvious script: extra spaces were added between the words in order to make it easier to read and recite the Quran.Permissible stops: long spaces were added at certain places where it is permissible to stop. It helps to avoid stopping at wrong places or times.A set of very useful indexes such as: Surahs Color Index, Subject Index.Tajweed rules explained in details with helpful illustration.

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    Jazakallah Khair, highly recommended.

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