Lessons From Surah Al-Kahf

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In this book Lessons From Surah Al-Kahf, Yasir Qadhi leads us through Surah Kahf, unfolding the lines, stories, and symbols that have inspired people for over a thousand years: the people of the cave, Prophet Musa’s momentous encounter with Khidr, the two men and their gardens, and Gog and Magog. The Qur’an is full of parables. Each one, when its meaning is unpacked and understood, offers wisdom and guidance. Surah Kahf, chapter 18 from the Qur’an, is particularly thought-provoking, and Muslims are advised to read it at least once a week.

And surely We have explained matters to people in the Qur’an in diverse ways, using all manners of parables. (Qur’an 18:54)Through Yasir Qadhi’s unmistakable voice, modern Muslims may glimpse some of the Qur’an’s profound meaning.

Say: “If the sea were to become ink to record the Words of my Lord, indeed the sea would all be used up before the Words of my Lord are exhausted…” (Qur’an 18:109)

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