Mushaf Al Qiyam With Adjustable Quran Stand – Steel

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The Mushaf Al Qiyam is a special edition of the Quran designed with an adjustable stand for easy reading and display. This Quran It combines the traditional text of the Quran with modern functionality, enhancing the reading experience for all.Whats’s inside:

  • Mushaf Al Qiyam
  • Adjustable Quran Stand

1.Mushaf Al Qiyam:

This noble Quran is written in a style that includes thematic interpretation of Quranic verses. Each page of this Quran is designed to accommodate five pages from the Hifz Quran, and each part of the Quran is spread across four pages. We have also incorporated thematic exegesis of Quranic verses by assigning a specific color to each theme on the Quranic page.

  • Size: 25×35 cm
  • Color Pages
  • Come in different colours

 2. Adjustable Quran Stand:

Unique, Quran holder works well for displaying the Qur’an, at an elevated position. It works very well for the reader who is sitting. The stand is made of steel and adjusts to approximately 70cm to 130 cm from the ground. Useful for masjid or home where a reciter sits on a chair or stands and reads from a mushaf.The Clip provided can hold the pages of the Quran from turning away.

  • Book size: A3
  • Colour Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Height: Max: 130 – Min: 70

Each theme is assigned a specific colour on the Quranic page, with explanations provided at the bottom of the page. Additionally, each section of the Quran is divided across four pages, making it more convenient for those who pray at night and engage in prolonged recitation, ensuring they don’t have to flip through the Quran’s pages frequently.


Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red


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