Adjustable Metal Quran Holder + Quran + Prayer Rug

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Adjustable Metal Quran Holder CM003 + Quran 25 * 35 cm Red Color + Red Prayer Rug

The perfect Islamic Gift Set for yourself or your loved ones for Ramadan, Eid, Wedding, and all occasions.

This unique, Quran holder works well for displaying the Quran, at an elevated position. It works very well for the reader who is sitting (for example, elderly individuals, or anybody sitting on a chair). The stand is made of steel and adjusts to approximately 90cm from the ground.

Useful for masjids or home where a reciter sits on a chair and reads from a large Mushaf Quran. Adjustable Metal Quran Holder + Quran + Prayer Rug has a knob that can be easily used to adjust the height of the stand as well as the bookplate can be tilted with the knob to adjust the reading position. The Clip provided can hold the pages of the Quran from turning away.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 10 × 40 cm

1 review for Adjustable Metal Quran Holder + Quran + Prayer Rug

  1. Saleha

    A beautiful package.

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