Hemani Hajj & Umrah Gift Set

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Begin your spiritual adventure with the Hemani Hajj & Umrah Gift Set – a representation of the sanctity of the pilgrimages and the shared values they embody. Let this set be a companion that accompanies you on your journey, enhancing your experience every step of the way.

This Hemani Islamic gift set for Hajj and Umrah includes:

  1. Prayer Mat
  2. Tasbeeh
  3. Miswak (natural tooth-cleaning stick)
  4. Musk Jamid (solid perfume)
  5. Roll On Attar (6ml)

The set includes an intricately designed tasbeeh (prayer beads) – a companion that aids you in reflection and remembrance during your sacred journey.

Additionally, the Hemani Gift Set includes a prayer mat. Its compact design allows you to carry it effortlessly, providing a clean and comfortable space for prayers amidst bustling pilgrimage sites.

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