My Daily Dua’s Story Sound Book 2

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My Daily Dua’s Story Sound Book 2 is one of its kind dua story sound book for children.

  • Beautifully illustrated story sound book
  • Learn daily prayers for everyday actions
  • Press the sound buttons on each page
  • Hear duas’ in Arabic and translations in English.


  1. Dua’ when greeting
  2. Dua’ before eating
  3. Dua’ after eating
  4. Dua’ when leaving the home
  5. Dua’ when starting a journey
  6. Dua’ after you sneeze
  7. Dua’ when you hear someone sneeze
  8. Dua’ for a reply to the one who says “Yarhamukallah
  9. Dua’ for entering the home
  10. Dua’ when feeling happy and pleased

1 review for My Daily Dua’s Story Sound Book 2

  1. Hababah

    This is a great book for children.

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