Understanding Islam

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We are on a journey in this world, a journey that is in fact much longer than we think it is. This journey did not start the day we were born, but much earlier than we can imagine. Our home is not the house or flat in which we are raised and enjoy the company of our families as a child; our real home is Eden, the place where our eternal parents Adam and Eve resided. If this is true, then what are we supposed to know about this journey on which we have found ourselves? How are we to return to our origin of Eden? Where are we actually headed? And what does the One Who has willed us to be on this journey expect us to do while we are here in this world? This book seeks to bring to the attention of young minds questions concerning our lives in this world, questions that occupy the minds of every one of us, questions we seek answers to. The beauties of belief and leading a virtuous life are the underlying theme of each of the stories, poems, anecdotes, and Prophetic traditions narrated in a way to encourage young believers to reflect upon the human condition and the purpose of our existence.


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