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Life and Teachings of the Prophet Muhammad
The Prophet’s life was an embodiment of submission to God. His actions and teachings are a reflection of one who was humble, compassionate, reflective and concerned for others’ well-being.
Spiritual Values from the Quran
The Quran is not a book of legal rules and regulations. The book enlightens the reader on journeying through life with wisdom, peacefully dealing with different situations and adopting principles for success in the world Hereafter.
The Spirit of Islam
Islam begins with the discovery of God and His creation plan for human beings. Islamic tenets are not lifeless rituals, rather they foster the development of noble character and sublime conduct.
In Search of God
Belief in the existence of God should be an intellectual discovery. Such an understanding brings conviction in the existence of the Creator. Reflection on God’s bounties and blessings brings one close to Him, and experiencing moments of nearness to God provides solace to one’s soul.
The Purpose of Life
Every human being is faced with existential questions. Every person is on the quest to understand the meaning of life, the event of death and the nature of afterlife.

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