Hajj And Umrah Unscented Wet Wipes (Pack of 2)

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Most people cannot afford the luxury of first class travel and the provision of things like hot towels by airline staff to make the flight more comfortable, and so Hajj & Umrah Unscented Wet Wipes is a useful product that makes the journey that little more comfortable. We’ve all been there when your sandwich suddenly falls apart or a sudden jerk of the aeroplane or coach causes a drink to be spilt, and so having these wipes to hand simply makes the journey that little bit easier. Not only are the wipes useful on the journey, but it must be remembered that Saudi Arabia is an arid country, and in the heat of the desert conditions, a handy wipe to help cool down and wipe away the perspiration is always welcome. A pack contains 10 wet wipes and true to Hajj Safe’s ethos, they are alcohol free and perfume free, with no animal derivatives.  (each pack has 10 good size strong unscented wipes)


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