Sidr Leaves Powder – 100 gms

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Sidr Leaves Powder – 100 gms

Sidr, also called Zizyphus, is used in Islamic medicine and hair care.

Rich in saponosides, Sidr is renowned for cleaning and beautifying hair. It has the advantage of washing color-treated hair (especially with indigo or katam) without making the color bleed and fixing the color. Rich in mucilage and astringent, this leaf powder is also used to soothe scalp diseases and fight against dandruff and itchy skin.

Properties are rich in astringent and purifying substances clean hair and scalp deeply and delicately fights dandruff and hair loss helps keep the hair color from fading soothes itchy skin and scalp purifies and freshens the skin.

1 review for Sidr Leaves Powder – 100 gms

  1. Unaza

    I use it for my hair. It works really great.

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