Customized Hajj Mubarak Frame

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Celebrate and cherish the profound memories of your Hajj pilgrimage with our exclusive Customized Hajj Mubarak Frame. This unique and heartfelt keepsake is crafted with precision and care, designed to honor the spiritual significance of your journey in a personalized and meaningful way.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Our Customized Hajj Mubarak Frame is made from high-quality natural rock slate, showcasing a stunning design that preserves the essence of your pilgrimage. Each frame is meticulously crafted to ensure it captures the beauty and reverence of this sacred experience. The natural rock slate material provides a rugged yet elegant look, making it a timeless addition to any home decor.

Perfect for Display

The frame measures approximately 20cm by 20cm and comes with a black plastic stand, making it perfect for freestanding display. Please note that due to the natural properties of rock slate, the edges will be jagged and uneven, adding to the unique charm of each piece. This characteristic ensures that every Customized Hajj Mubarak Frame is one-of-a-kind.

Personalize Your Keepsake

What sets our Customized Hajj Mubarak

Frame apart is the ability to personalize it. Whether you choose to engrave names, dates, or a special message, this frame becomes a cherished keepsake that captures the essence of your Hajj journey. It’s a perfect gift for fellow pilgrims, family members, or anyone who has completed this spiritual voyage.

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DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of the rock slate material, the edges will be jagged and uneven for every rock slate. Please bear this in mind when placing an order.

Dimensions 20 × 20 cm


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