75 Question and Answers on Hajj and Umrah

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“75 Questions and Answers on Hajj and Umrah” is a comprehensive guide written in simple language, focusing on the detailed practices of Hajj as performed by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This book is designed to provide clear and concise answers to common questions about Hajj and Umrah, making it an invaluable resource for pilgrims.


  • Easy-to-Understand Language: Written in simple language to ensure clarity and ease of understanding.
  • Arabic Communication: Includes essential Arabic words to help pilgrims (hajji) communicate effectively during Hajj.
  • Visual Aids: Flowcharts and figures are provided to explain important points.
  • Selected Supplications: A dedicated chapter on selected supplications (Dua) to enhance the spiritual experience of pilgrims.

“75 Questions and Answers on Hajj and Umrah” is an essential guide for anyone preparing for the sacred journeys of Hajj & Umrah. The book’s straightforward approach makes it accessible to all readers, providing clear answers to common questions and detailed explanations of the rituals. The inclusion of Arabic words aids in effective communication during the pilgrimage, while the flowcharts and figures simplify complex processes. The chapter on supplications ensures that pilgrims can enhance their spiritual experience with meaningful prayers.

1 review for 75 Question and Answers on Hajj and Umrah

  1. Jumana

    A nice way of explaining things.

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