Luban Water

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🌟 Enjoy the benefits of male frankincense and gum arabic in a healthy drink.

🌴 Frankincense water and gum arabic are among the most important recipes for treating kidney and kidney failure caused by uncontrolled diabetes and kidney cysts.

🌳 When a second-degree diabetic patient continues to drink frankincense and gum arabic water, he becomes less likely than others to suffer from kidney failure and many complications arising from that disease.

🌳 Where frankincense water and gum arabic work on me.

  1. Reducing blood sugar levels.
  2. Reducing bad cholesterol levels.
  3. Reducing the rise in liver enzymes.
  4. Treatment of the glomeruli of the kidneys responsible for filtering the blood and making it perform its role better.
  5. A very good diuretic, as the accumulation and retention of fluids in the kidneys causes many problems and complications to the urinary system, including kidney stones and pain in the bladder area.
  6. Resistance to bladder cancer, as it works to inhibit and reduce the spread of cancer cells in a bladder cancer patient.
  7. Very good for chest patients and those who suffer from allergies in the respiratory system and those who suffer from asthma attacks.
  8. Sedative for cough and expectorant.
  9. A powerful and effective anti-inflammatory. When taken, it treats all types of infections in the body, especially glomerulonephritis.
  10. It is considered a natural collagen for the body. Healing and food trading for herbs, honey and cosmetics.


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