Teacup Bakhoor Incense Burner – Green

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This beautiful Teacup Bakhoor Incense Burner is large enough to stay burning for a long time. It is portable which means that it can easily be carried and used indoors and outdoors as well. Beautifully crafted in high quality and hand-painted gold & silver pattern.

Since the incense burner is small, it is about 17 x 15 x 18 cm and weighs 900 g. It is easy and can be used anywhere. Safely use the burner with easy to remove the lid to tend to your incense charcoal. The incense burner is made of alloy material, and the durability and heat resistance are improved and the long life is achieved.

Perfect to use in home, office, meditation room, yoga room, hotel, and more. The incense stand is splendid, and it looks classic, and there is also practicality. Up to about 8 minutes of incense burner, put incense ashes; light the tip of incense, extinguish the flame, make it light; put on the ash, close the lid, incense leaking from the lid You can also enjoy a smoke.

A color incense burner that soothes the mind. It is narrated that Abdullah bin Umar (R.A) used to burn pure Oudh and camphor mixed with Oudh as fragrance, and he stated that the Prophet ﷺ used to burn bakhoor (incense),’ (Muslim).

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