Hemani Henna Brown with Rose

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Hemani Henna Brown with Rose
Hemani Henna Brown with Rose

Ex. VAT AED 11.95

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Hemani Henna Brown With Rose

Hemani Henna is one of the most famous Henna in Pakistan.

Its popularity is due to the use of Herbal ingredients only. Hemani Henna has natural and pure Henna powder which is obtained from the dry leaves of Lawsonia Plant, grown in Pakistani Farms.

Henna in Hemani Henna is accompanied by Rose extracts which improve its results and give your better hair coloring with some hair treatment. Henna in it gives brownish red color which colors hair and also provides hair conditioning. It improves the strength of the hairs and makes them strong. Rose extracts also have several benefits which are as follows.

Benefits of Rose:

Rose improves blood circulation to the scalp. It is a natural moisturizer that prevents dryness. It is also very effective in removing dandruff. Its beautiful fragrance gives a long-lasting fresh fragrance to your hair. Rose extracts improve the health of hairs and increases their shine & beauty.

Hemani Henna Brown is free from harmful chemicals and contains only healthy natural herbs. Its constant use makes your hair beautiful and strong. It can be used on hands also and it gives the same result. It is made according to international standards and is made for external use only. Direction to use: Pour henna powder into a bowl. Add boiling water gradually then stir slowly until you get a creamy thick liquid. Apply the mixture over dry clean hair and keep it for 30-40 minutes then wash properly. The paste can also be applied on dry clean hands in desired drawings

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