Prayer mats or rugs are small mats used for praying by Muslims. They come in many different designs and colors, from simple, monochromatic, styles to the intricate pieces of knitted art found around the globe. Prayer mats are the perfect choice for Muslims for any occasion, be it Ramadan, Eid, Valentine’s Day, or a Birthday.

One of the best act Muslim can do is to create a private and beautiful prayer space at home that has a prayer mat as a central attraction. And the intention is to fulfill one of the pillars of Islam in showing your devotion and obedience to Allah, our creator.

“Verily, Allah is beautiful and he loves beauty” – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

AED  50.00

Saving: AED  49.00 49%

AED  99.00

Saving: AED  40.00 29%