Digitization has a major shift in the lifestyles of humans, electronics have become more of a necessity than comfort.

Praying five times a day is an important practice in Islam. It is equally important to pray at right time. Azan Clocks and Islamic watches help followers with their prayers and act as a prayer reminder for them

Islamic Watches remind Muslims of the right prayer time each day and also tell Qibla directions anywhere. It is the best Islamic gadget for Muslim prayer.

Muslims summon before Allah by praying five times a day. Therefore, it’s very important for Muslims to learn the right prayer time and Qibla direction. These electronic devices give accurate prayer time and direction is the key technology of this watch.

Reading or listening to the Quran helps build character, strengthen Islamic beliefs, and develop good moral values. Quran speakers and Quran Readers allow recitation listening, learning & memorizing Quran through easy Quranic verses translation. It amplifies Quran learning with a unique experience, that helps to fulfill religious obligations & memorize the Quran.

Zayosh offers you a wide collection of Islamic Watches & Azan Clocks products in UAE. Zayoshe can help you choose the right electronics gadget for your individual needs and Islamic lifestyle.